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About Us

A Few Words About Us

“Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself… “

In this way in 1931 Albert Schweitzer, the great humanitarian, physician, and Nobel Laureate, described the nature of pain and the obligation of the physician to relieve it.

Today, proper pain management in many instances still remains elusive, even though seemingly it is one of the most important and pressing social issues. Acute and chronic pain continues to afflict millions of people annually, with a significant percentage of them still inadequately relieved. There is still an alarming number of unnecessary chronic pain and suffering for many reasons, frequently caused by lack of knowledge, fear, and sometimes inaccessibility. Too many times patients are offered “quick solutions” deemed permanent (such as surgery or addictive pain medications) which lack the correct pain diagnosis and make suffering even worse.

In our clinic we believe that relieving patient’s pain and suffering is of most importance. We offer multidisciplinary pain management which is the most effective. Our fellowship trained, board certified pain physician who practiced for many years in Europe as well as in the United States takes his time while talking to and correctly diagnosing his patients.

We think that Dr. Grochowski is not only a physician but also a great humanitarian, who treats his patients comprehensively. We all believe that this is the right approach! 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Arkadiusz Grochowski

Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist

Ewa Ostrowska

Patient Advocate

Dominika Kupiec

Patient Advocate

Renata Romanek

Patient Advocate