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Headaches can be more complicated than most people realize. Different kinds can have their own set of symptoms, happen for unique reasons, and need different treatments.

Once you know the type of headache you have, you and your doctor can find the treatment that’s most likely to help and even try to prevent them.

There are over 150 types of headaches, but the most common types include:

Doctor Grochowski may recommend different types of treatment to try. He also might suggest more testing or refer you to a headache specialist.

The type of headache treatment you need will depend on a lot of things, including the type of headache you get, how often, and its cause. Some people don’t need medical help at all. But those who do might get medications, electronic medical devices, counseling, stress management, and biofeedback. Doctor G. will make a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Headache and neck pain
Back pain
Persistent pain
Arthritis pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Nerve damage or muscle spasm